Blue Chip International is a leading distributor of Information Technology and Communication (ITC) and scientific laboratory equipments providing Turnkey Solutions in Pakistan.

Blue Chip International came into existence in 1989 as a solution provider in Computer Applications. The main objective was to be distinguished from the Box Movers. Blue Chip has been continuously growing since its inception.

We are a leading provider of full range of ITC and Scientific Laboratory equipments from manufacturers around the world who are established brand leaders in their respective fields.


Our extensive customers’ coverage includes R&D institutions, universities, health care, industrial and commercial organizations in Pakistan. This is achieved by leveraging our established regional sales network and our strong technical competencies to ensure that we meet the market objectives for our principals.

Our products and services are divided into specialized divisions to provide focus in the respective market sectors besides our Consultancy and Training Divisions.

Our strategy is focused on continuously exceeding customer expectations, a commitment to quality, proactive market development, and building the business critical infrastructure to maintain a high level of customer service and successful market representations for our principals. With our approach of providing total solutions, we have positioned ourselves as a source of spreading the knowledge and awareness in the Pakistan.

Customer service has always been a priority at Blue Chip Headquartered in Karachi, the company has an extensive regional network of sales offices and authorized agents. This enables the company to provide a high level of customer service and customer interactions.

Our regional reach covers whole of Pakistan. Sindh and Baluchistan provinces (in southern Pakistan) are covered through our Karachi Office, The Punjab and the NWFP provinces (in northern Pakistan) are covered through our offices at Lahore and Islamabad.

This extensive network is also a vehicle for our principal partners to gain instant access to the Pakistan markets for their respective products. This is a competitive advantage that benefits both our customers and our principals.